I planted some of my tomatoes and peppers on Saturday, since the weather has warmed up so thoroughly. If we get a late frost I'll do what I did last year, cover the little seedlings with a layer of soil overnight. It worked like a charm last time, no damage at all to my toms after a 28 degree night in early May. I planted the little 30 inch wide 20 ft long strip on the side of the house with 10 tomatoes and 9 peppers staggered in between and in front of the toms. There'll be some bush beans staggered in between the peppers, I soaked some of my Romano Bush beans the other day and they're starting to sprout. No pics of the bed yet, since the seedlings are hard to see at this stage!

Tomatoes, left to right when facing the bed:
Yellow Brandywine
Black from Tula
Wapsipinicon Peach
Black Cherry
Brandywine OTV
Cherokee Purple

Portugese Thyme in the early morning sun

The peppers I planted are Quadrato Rossi. I planted nine more QR peppers in one of my in-ground beds, and the Orange Bells are going into the bed at the end of the garden where the new trellis is. My French Climbing Beans have sprouted and they're getting planted at the foot of that new trellis today. The melons and winter squashes are also getting started while I'm out there. I'm growing Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck squash for the first time this year, as well as a variety called Galeux d'Elysines. I think the kids will get a big kick out of them.

Happy Gardening!