This flowering cherry is the gift that keeps on giving..

What was I thinking? It went from about 15 degrees below normal to 15 degrees above normal for the past week. We hit 90 the other day! I've been covering the greenhouse with a tarp every afternoon to keep everything in there from frying. And watering twice a day to keep the soil cool for the peas and lettuce and carrots. Fortunately, temps will be back to normal tomorrow and we're supposed to get some rain, too. Not that we're really lacking for that, we're ahead so far for the year, but it'll be a nice change from the past few days.

The cool crops are doing quite well in spite of the heat, this pic shows about a third of my
Mangetout Carouby row in the back of one of my 8x4 beds. If you're wondering why one of them is out of line, I have no idea. I'm quite sure I was sober when I planted them.

The plants in front of that are Chesnok Red hardneck garlic, and I've got Romano Bush beans going in front of those tomorrow morning. My French Climbing beans should be poking through in another day or so, and I hilled the potatoes up for the first time this morning.

Speaking of morning, this is what I see when I open the back door..

Why does Jack always look like he's judging me? It can be quite unnerving to turn around and see that glare of disapproval. Dude, I'm sorry I threw a shoe at you, K? The crowing was a little much that day, I wasn't myself.