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After reading the blog last night and finding out the girls wanted their own flower garden, hubby went and picked up a load of compost and broke out the shovels.

He's putting in a nice semi-circular bed around the mailbox, and the girls couldn't be more pleased. Especially when they found worms..

And yes, ladies, in case you're wondering, the girls did pick out their own outfits this morning. Oy.

So by the time they finished scraping up the turf, it looked like this..

Then the rich, dark compost went down..
(see the little toddler footprints?)

That shrub in the back is a rosemary we already had in that spot, it'll make a nice backdrop for some herbaceous perennials.

And now all we have to do is sow a few more seeds in the greenhouse and pot up the flowers we already started. I'm sure we'll pick up a little something or two at the nursery, as well. Who can resist? I'm thinking a blue clematis for the mailbox post and some Moonbeam coreopsis...and perennial blue salvia to contrast with the Calendula I've already gotten started.

Yeah, spiky deep blue flowers with deep apricot daisy flowers..and a soft, fluffy border of yellow. It'll be gorgeous! I'll put up some more pics when we get things in the ground.

Happy Gardening!