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After wildly overexerting myself yesterday I left myself with very little to do today. I need another load of compost before I can begin the new beds I've been planning, and all the beds I presently have are waiting to be filled with the seedlings I'm hurrying along in the greenhouse. I was thrilled to see the first pair of true leaves showing on many of my tomatoes, the ones in the center of the pic are Wapsipinicon Peach. I'm trying a lot of new (to me) varieties this year, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. The ones with a * are ones I've never grown before. I've got four kinds of cherry tomatoes:

Today's egg harvest:4 (+1 more after this picture!)
Isis Candy*

For slicing tomatoes I've got:
Aunt Ruby's German Green*

Green Zebra
Black From Tula*
Cherokee Purple*
Paul Robeson*
Yellow Brandywine*

Plum Lemon*
Gold Medal

Wapsipinicon Peach*

Pink Accordion*
Henderson's Pink Ponderosa*
Brandywine OTV*

Striped Cavern* for stuffing.

And for sauce tomatoes:
Amish Paste*

Green Sausage
"I'm ready to work Mommy, now please turn down the sun"

I've also got Principe Borghese and Jaune Flamme that I started a week later so they aren't up yet. Those two are good sun-drying tomatoes, I grew Flamme last year and they were really good. This list may seem like a lot to some people, especially in an urban setting, but I plan on preserving as much as possible and selling the rest. Every little bit counts these days. I'll save my pepper list for another day, since this post is already long thanks to the tomato list!