I know it's a little early to be potting up the seedlings, but I couldn't resist the urge to pop a few of the largest out of their cells and put them in some 4 inch pots. I did my three Brandywine OTV and 9 of my largest Black Cherrys. That temporarily satisfied my urge, and I'll compare them to the ones still in the cells and see if the growth rate picks up. I've been using masking tape on the side of the flat/pot to keep track of the varieties. Those little white markers are irresistible to toddlers.

I'm hoping to get the chance to plant my lettuce and onion seedlings in the garden this evening, it's so warm and sunny today I wanted to wait till the sun started going down to lessen the shock. While I was scoping out the bed I looked at the potatoes I planted last week. Remember that fuzzy, barely visible potato sprout I tried to get a pic of? You won't need to squint to see it now!

Things have been coming in beautifully since the weather warmed up last week. Not only are things like daffodils and flowering cherries coming alive, but my garlic is finally taking off! It's normally over a foot tall by now and this winter was so harsh they barely put on any growth at all. This time last week the foliage was just four inches tall and they've put on two more since then. Here's hoping they make up for lost time, I've been really concerned that I'd have a poor crop this year.

I was inspecting the softneck garlic bed when something different caught m
y eye..tomato seedlings coming up! I had Jaune Flamme tomatoes just behind that bed last year, and they dropped a few fruit and gave me some freebies. I'm really glad, because my J.F. seeds in the greenhouse haven't sprouted yet! They make an excellent salad tomato, and they're great for sun-drying, too. It got down to 37 F last night, and those little babies looked just fine! I'm going to lift them out of there and pot them up till the new tomato bed is ready.

I started a fresh batch of cilantro seeds, Italian parsley, dill, and salad burnett yesterday, and the yellow carrots are next.

My chives are filling in with such flamboyant gorgeousness (don't know if that's a word, but it's fitting) that it will be a darn shame to cut any of them. I really don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to do it.

Fabulous, just fabulous.